Sunday, October 21, 2007

2007 Fall Camporee - Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Katonah Troop 1 placed Second overall in the 2007 Muscoot District Fall Camporee at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. The event was organized to encourage interest in ropes and lashings by having each troop construct a pioneering project. Each structure was judged on creativity of design, strength of lashings, and execution of the project. We saw bridges, catapults, signal towers, thrones, and more. While half of the troops were busy with their pioneering projects, the other half were helping Pound Ridge Reservation crews with various service projects. One crew was busy replacing a roof on a well-used lean-to shelter. Another crew spread woodchips at the Pell Hill play area. A third crew was in the pine forest, cleaning up debris and fallen trees that came down during a freak microburst storm that took out much mature growth. After lunch break, troops that were working on pioneering projects switched to service projects, and vice versa. At the end of the day, we all gathered at the parade field to see our pioneering projects in action! Troops competed in friendly tug-o-war games, catapults catapulted, and bridges spanned great chasms of the imagination. Overall, it was a very successful event. Based on the hard work of both patrols of Katonah Troop 1, we took Second Place, a well-deserved honor for our boys!

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation was our host for the Fall Camporee.

Katonah Troop 1 assembles for activity, Scoutmaster "Doc" Smith and Assistant Scoutmaster Chris Kristensen assisted the boys that weekend.

Assistant Scoutmaster Otto Vondrak leads the troops in opening ceremonies at the Fall Camporee.

Assistant Scoutmaster Otto Vondrak leads the opening ceremonies and announcements for the Fall Camporee.

Peter, Nick, and Chris sort out our troop's materials for the pioneering project.

Neatly arranged tents and a clean campsite are trademarks of camping with Katonah Troop 1.

Assistant Scoutmaster Chris Kristensen helped monitor the morning activities and assist with judging and scoring the projects.

Chris Beckett completes a lashing on Katonah's ladder bridge.

Scoutmaster Jon Meres from Mount Kisco 1 helped organize the Fall Camporee event.

Troops lay out their materials and begin constructing their pioneering projects.

Mount Kisco Troop 1 built a tall signal tower as their pioneering project.

Golden's Bridge Troop 154 built a tripod table and flagpole combination for their pioneering project.

Assistant Scoutmaster Otto Vondrak helped organize the Fall Camporee, seen here testing a Scoutapult.

Volunteers working on the Shelter 1 roof replacement project.

Scouts help clean up large debris from the Pine Forest.

Scouts help clean up large debris from the Pine Forest.

Scouts help clean up large debris from the Pine Forest.

Scouts help clean up large debris from the Pine Forest.

The Pine Forest was decimated by a freak microburst storm in 2007, destroying much old growth. Scouts helped clear debris so that the Parks Department can attempt to replant trees.

Volunteers at work on Shelter 1, removing the old shingles and weak sheathing.

Volunteers remove the old roof on Shelter 1.

Volunteers admire the nearly completed roof on the Pound Ridge lean-to shelter.

Addressing the troops at the end of a very successful and fun weekend!