Friday, April 24, 2009

Our visit to the Campfire Club of America

On Thursday April 16, 2009, Troop 1 Katonah visited the Campfire Club of America at their private camp in Chappaqua, where we were taught about conservation and preservation of the world's wildlife. When we arrived, we were introduced to the two men in charge of the club. They told us a little bit about how the club was started back around the turn of the century. Among their famous charter members were Theodore Roosevelt, Ernest Thompson Seton (the first Chief Scout), William Hornaday.

The Campfire Club treated us to an amazing dinner which consisted of homemade burgers, hot dogs, french fries, and some deserts. After dinner, we walked around the lodge and observed the different trophy animals that were displayed all over the club. One room was dedicated to North America which consisted of examples of many animals from across the continent. In the other room, there many examples of wildlife from Africa. It was pretty cool. Who would have known there was that many animals in Africa and North America?

After we walked around a bit, we gathered in the main room and the two members from the club explained more to us about what they do on behalf of conservation, and how they aquired all of the animals over the nearly 100 years they have been around. Their members campaign the government and encourage responsible management of wildlife throughout North America. We learned a lot from going on this trip, and we look forward to coming back some day.

--Kyle W., Troop Historian