Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hank!

On Thursday, April 2, our Scoutmaster Hank Tschorn celebrated his birthday. We don't know which one, because the stone tablets his birth certificate was carved on have since turned to dust. Anyway, Hank's family thought it would be fun to surprise him with birthday cupcakes after our regular meeting. Hank's wife Mary and his daughter Jen carefully set up the surprise on the stage in the gymnasium, behind the drawn curtain. At the approporiate time, when Hank thought we were about to dismiss, the curtains draw open and... SURPRISE!!

Meanwhile, preparations take place backstage... Mr. Suda prepares to man the curtains...

Happy Birthday, Hank!

"Were you guys up there the whole time?"

Everybody enjoys a birthday cupcake...

... Otto enjoys his cupcake a little too much.