Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An enjoyable week at camp

Some photos from Assistant Scoutmaster Chris Kristensen, who along wtih Tim Baron and Bob Suda took the boys from Katonah Troop 1 for a very enjoyable week of camp. More photos and reports to follow.

Assistant Scoutmasters Tim Baron and Bob Suda, Sr. take a break in the gazebo at Summit Base.

"JUMP! JUMP!" I think he's gonna do it!

Flying down the Zip Line!

On the High COPE Course.

The Troop overnighted on top of Mount Stephens. It doesn't look that bad when you see it from Summit Base. Of course, looks can be deceiving. Tomahawk Lodge once stood in the foreground here.

The Troop wakes before sunrise to get packed and ready for the hike back to camp.

One of our Scouts, awake and nearly functional, awaits the sunrise on top of Mount Stephens. The valley below is filled with morning fog, blocking our view of camp and distant Lake George.

An Eagle Scout from Katonah Troop 1 was our guide for the overnight on Mount Stephens. Travis Winthers has been working at Summit Base for many years now. This is a very funny picture of him waking up.

On top of Mount Stephens at sunrise.