Monday, January 26, 2009

Katonah Takes Top Honors in 2009 Klondike Derby

Once again, Troop 1 Katonah took top honors at the 2009 Muscoot District Camporee, with two of our three fielded patrols taking top honors. Our three patrols competed at four skill stations including First Aid (which was also run by our Troop), Map Reading (by Troop 271 Mahopac), Firebuilding (by Troop 440 Patterson), and the Stretcher Scramble (by Troop 101 Vista). At the end of the day's activities, all patrols took part in sled races (organized by Jon Meres of Troop 1 Mount Kisco) while scores were tallied and awards determined. Also thanks to Troop 1 Brewster, who kept our Klondike Cafe fully stocked and served many hungry Klondikers. Thanks to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation for allowing us to come back another year. Stay tuned for more details!