Thursday, March 26, 2009

We Helped Cubs Cross-Over at Durland

Over the weekend of March 21-22, the troop took a trip up to Durland Scout Reservation where we had an overnight campout. Once we arrived at Sperling Center, each patrol was sent down the trail separate from the others. Each patrol had a map to navigate the trails. Along the way a few wrong turns were made, but that was easily fixed. We successfully made it to Campsite 33 where we were staying. This campsite was new to us, because we've never camped out there before. It was a very large campsite, with plenty of room for all three patrols.

We broke up into patrols and each one had there own area of the campsite to make camp. We each constructed our sites by setting up our tents, dining fly, fire ring, and a "camp help" all according to plan. Our camp help was to construct a tripod to hang our water bags and buckets.

Around noon time, we had a visit from the the Cub Scouts of Katonah Pack 1. We showed them around the campsite and what Boy Scout camping is like. We explained how we set up camp and what we do. Then we helped a few Cub Scouts use a two-man saw to cut through a log. After the Cubs left, we worked on some Orientering skills with Hank, then we got ready for dinner.

That night was the "crossing over" ceremony for six new Webelos joining our troop. Scouts from our troop were elected to help make the ceremony possible, and were led by Jonathan Kruk, the famous story teller who is an Eagle Scout from our troop. He really brought the ceremony to life! After that, we went back to the campsite and we got ready to go to sleep. In the morning, we packed up everything and headed for home. We had fun camping by patrol and we'll probably do it again next time when we get ready for the Spring Camporee.
—Kyle W., Troop Historian

Heading down the trail... we'll probably never seen them again...

The Rabid Raccon Patrol sets up camp.

Katonah's campsite at Durland Scout Reservation.

Mr. Baron explains how to properly raise and lower the flag in camp.

The troop participates in a flag-raising ceremony.

Peter explains what camping is all about to the visiting Cub pack.

Troop 1 leads the Cub pack through our camp site.

The Rabid Raccoons tour their campsite with the Cubs.

The Cubs head down to the Swamp Chickens camp site.

Otto helps two Cubs use a two man saw.

Troop 1 Katonah at Campsite 33.

Hank reviews some Orienteering skills with the Scouts.

Mr. Bacon always travels first class... shrimp cocktail, anyone?

The Rabid Raccoons enjoy their Turkey Chili Mac.

The Swamp Chickens perfected the classic "Fireside Ground Beef."

The Mad Monkeys Patrol dined on Meatball Soup with orzo.

On Sunday morning, we were packing up, ready to go home!