Friday, May 15, 2009

Eagle Scouts visit Troop Meeting

Troop 1 Katonah was visited by four Eagle Scouts at our Thursday night meeting: David Tschorn, Mark Kane, Peter Kane, and David Kane. It was great to have them visit, and they helped our younger Scouts with the evening activities. We continued our camping gear inspection by taking all the tents from the last camping trip and setting them up in the gym. After we went through the tents and packed them up again, we turned to knot tying. Mark and Peter helped our younger Scouts learn their basic knots for Tenderfoot, while Dave Kand and some of the older boys helped clean out and reorganize some of our materials stored under the stage. Thanks to Robert Chaiken for these photos. It was a fun night, and we were glad to have our Eagles visit. Do you know a past member of our Troop who would like to visit some night? Please let us know!

The Mad Monkeys Patrol checks over their tent, making sure they have all the parts.

The Swamp Chickens Patrol carefully unpacks their tents.

Checking the tents for holes and signs of wear.

Knot tying is an important advancement step for Tenderfoot.

Eagle Scout Mark Kane explains the finer points of knot tying.

Troop 1 Katonah assembled in the gymnasium at Katonah Elementary School.