Friday, June 18, 2010

June Court of Honor Photos

Photos from our final meeting and June Court of Honor, Thursday June 18 in the Cafeteria at Katonah Elementary School. Photos by Otto Vondrak unless otherwise noted.

Asst. Scoutmaster Chris Kristensen can't believe it's the last meeting of the year. Asst. Scoutmaster Bob Suda, Sr. can't believe Chris volunteered to be the new Muscoot District Chairman!

John Albert and Assistant Scoutmaster Dennis Winthers.

Scouts lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Scoutmaster Hank Tschorn welcomes the attendees to our June Court of Honor.

The special neckerchiefs we had commissioned to celebrate our 90th anniversary. These neckerchiefs are awarded to every Scout who earns the rank of First Class. They are also available for purchase by collectors outside our troop, please inquire.

Asst. Senior Patrol Leaders Nick and Peter describe their experience as they helped teach New Youth Leadership Training this year.

Asst. Scoutmaster Dave Tschorn awarded the rank of Second Class.

Our newly minted Second Class Scouts! Jake, Dan, Elias, and Gunner.

Our new First Class Scouts! Sean, Ryan, Billy, Ian, Matt, and Greg.

Hank gives Dan a special award for taking on the challenging job of Troop Bugler.

Andrew wins the award for "Best Genubee," given to an outstanding first-year Scout.

Hank addresses the Troop and thanks them for a job well done... The winner of this year's patrol competition is the Mad Monkeys! Their prize is the coveted and much anticipated Maine Canoe Trip!

Assistant Scoutmaster Otto Vondrak reads a portion of the story of the first Maine Canoe Trip in 1954. (Photo by Alex Bacon)

Travis Winthers pins the rank of Eagle Scout on his brother Kyle.

Scoutmaster Hank Tschorn congratulates Eagle Scout Kyle Winters, and his older brother Eagle Scout Travis Winthers.

Surprise! Hank was nominated for and awarded the Scoutmaster Award of Merit!

Congratulations, Hank! You earned it! Hank started as Asst. Scoutmaster since 1967, and assumed the role of Scoutmaster in 2008.

Katonah Troop 1, 2010. Photo by Peter Kane