Friday, January 21, 2011

Klondike Derby, Saturday, January 22 at Durland Scout Reservation

The 2011 Muscoot Klondike Derby will be held at Durland Scout Reservation at Clear Lake this Saturday, January 22.  We will depart from KES at 6:45am.

Our two patrols will compete in the event, testing their skills (and their sleds and their snowshoes) against the elements. This year, the requirements for the sleds are that they must be able to "transform" into an emergency shelter, using any materials the Scouts see fit. The Mad Monkeys Patrol debuted their sled at last night's troop meeting at Katonah Elementary School.

The Mad Monkeys Patrol sled looks very sleek and angular. Did we mention it is equipped with cupholders?

The wings unfold, not unlike a DeLorean...

The front legs unfold, and are placed upright...

 The unfurled sled then gets a tarp wrapped over it, creating the partol's emgergency shelter!
Life Scout Peter teaches younger Scouts knots needed for the Klondike Derby.

 Life Scout Nick demonstrates the clove hitch.