Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Camporee Report

On the 21st of October, at approximately at 4:30 PM, troop drove to Cleak Lake at Durland Scout Reservation for the Fall Camporee District Event. The camporee is an event where scout troops from all over the district come together twice a year in the fall and spring to compete against other Troops in various areas of Scouting skill.

When the troop arrived at Clear Lake, they immediately set up camp and settled into their assigned campsite. Duty rosters were given, water was collected, and bagged dinners were eaten. At 10:30 PM, the troop went to sleep for the big event the next day. Sleep was easy and the troop woke up with plenty of energy and had made breakfast.

The next day, all of the troops were called into a morning meeting to announce the start of the camporee. The pledge was said, the Scout Oath, and Law. Afterward the troops then set out on the competition. After completing our first station, our two patrols decided to proceed together from station to station. Some of the stations that were in the camporee were Shelter Building/Pioneering, Archery, First Aid, Fishing, and Cooking.

Both patrols had done an excellent job by the end of the day and returned to camp to prepare for dinner. We competed in the Iron Skillet cooking competition where both patrols would separately provide dishes with the secret ingredient (bananas) to three judges. The results were received with satisfactory responses (an 8 out of 10 for our two creations: Bananas sliced lengthwise and fried in butter and cocoa mix, and bananas sliced lengthwise and steamed with a mallowmar on top). Afterward, the troop made dinner and went to sleep.

The next morning, another morning meeting was called and the results for the winner of the camporee were announced. Troop I Katonah came in first place with the Mad Monkeys as the leading patrol, and the Swamp Chickens took second place! We were all very excited to learn that we had won! After the meeting, the troop packed up and returned back to KES or drove straight home.
—Elias C., Troop Historian

Photos to follow...