Thursday, December 1, 2011

West Point trip

At approximately 8:30 AM, November 19th, Katonah Troop 1 yet again traveled to a marvelous land site. Deciding to hold a day trip rather than a campout, Katonah Troop 1 decided to pay a visit to West Point; a historical land site in the revolutionary war and as well as one of the most famous Universities in modern and past U.S. The drive took about and hour before the troop arrived at West Point. As soon as they arrived, Hank Thorn, the troop scoutmaster, checked every scout in for a bus ride and tour around West Point. Having some spare time, the troop decided to quickly observe the museum.

Within the museum, West Point has some spectacular items such as antique World War II uniforms and gun models to muskets to the very own personal pistol of Adolf Hitler. The museum as well had large items such as a World War I tank as well as a model of the Atomic bomb “Fat Man”. After browsing, the bus arrived and the troop began the tour. First, the tour guide brought us to one of three chapels at west point and told the troop about the gothic architecture of the building. After peaking inside and being given a brief history lesson, the tour guide took the troop to the West Point cemetery. Though everyone got choked up at times, the troop managed to observe graves of famous generals, as well as other interesting men and women in history from relatives of Ulysses Grant to passengers of the titanic incident.

Afterward, the tour guide finally took the troop to the monument of the civil war of which was the largest monument of polished granite. The troop was as well able to look out into the Hudson River from that position on the University grounds. Afterward, the tour bus took the troop back to the main building were everyone took interest into buying souvenirs and soon traveled back to Katonah Elementary School.

--Elias C., Troop Historian