Friday, January 31, 2014

Klondike Derby 2014

The country Klondike Derby is an annual event especially taken pride by the scouts of Katonah Troop 1. After disembarking from Katonah Elementary School, the troop prepared for a challenging but fulfilling day trip. Once arriving at the area in Carmel, the older kids and adults were tasked with grading patrols on their performance at the first aid station. Whenever scouts came about, they were evaluated and then scored on whether or not their first aid skill is satisfactory. The scouts who were responsible were Ryan Kelleher and Sean Bacon. Other adults who assisted were the returned Eagle Scout: Kyle Winthers, Mr. Bacon, Hank Tchorn, Mr. Eisenhower, Mr. Cyan and Mr. Suda. 

The younger scouts in their own two patrols: The Mad Monkeys and Swamp Chickens, first arrived at check in and received a perfect score. After the opening ceremonies, they went to the fire building station. After the first one and a half minutes, the strings were broken (patrols had to construct fires to burn strings that were strung above). Through the determination and efficiency of the boys, they were able to score a perfect 10/10 with an extra 5 points. After fire building, the scouts went to shelter building where they must be evaluated for how efficient their "on the spot" shelter would be. Using a tarp owned by Clifford Munz, the scouts were able to construct an efficient shelter that won them a perfect score. After shelter building, the boys had lunch. After lunch, the boys demonstrated that they must improve first aid skill after scoring a 6.6/10. Once arriving at the Orienteering course, map work was evaluated. The boys were able to score a perfect score if they were able to unscramble letters for the word Iditarod. A total of 2 points were lost. Knot tying was a successful station. All of the boys knew they knots well and thus tied them properly. Running out of time however, a quick pace to ice rescue was needed where the boys had also received a perfect score for rescuing a fellow unconscious scout. To tie up the events, the boys had their sleds checked and received scores for its design, efficiency and criteria met. Both patrols scored well on their sleds. Finally, the winners were announced at the closing ceremonies where the Mad Monkeys had placed 2nd and the Swamp Chickens had placed 3rd. After a victorious day, the troop packed up their gear and went home with good spirits.