Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Camporee - Sep. 26-28

The Fall Camporee "Rally at the Ridge" will be held at Durland (formerly Clear Lake) Scout Reservation from September 26 to 28. The troop will arrive at Durland on Friday evening and hike into their campsite. The hike is about a mile, and Scouts will need to be prepared for the weekend.

Saturday Trail Activities include:

- Ax Yard/Wood Tools Safety Demonstration

- Waterbucket Bridgage Obstacle Course

- Firebuilding/String Burn Race

- Knots and Lashings

- "Leave No Trace" Demonstration

Saturday Campsite Activities include:

- Building a Wilderness Shelter

- Creating a "camp help"

- Participating in the Cooking Contest - "Secret Ingredient" is ORANGES!

And don't forget the Saturday Night Campfire! We hope all Scouts will attend the first District event of the year! More information will be posted as it becomes available.